Pre-Vacating Checklist


General Cleaning

  •   Wash all walls
  •   Clean all light fittings and change bulbs if needed
  •   De-cobweb all cornices, remove bug matter where possible
  •   Wipe over all fans
  •   Clean all air conditioning filters
  •   Clean all light switches & power points
  •   Clean all doors and door frames
  •   Clean all windows, screens, frames and sills
  •   Clean all skirtings, belt rails and picture rails when present
  •   Professionally steam clean carpets (provide receipt to property manager)
  •   Mop all hard floors
  •   Wipe over all blinds (except vertical blinds)
  •   Clean any air-conditioning ducts or exhaust vents


  •   Clean all kitchen cupboards, inside and out, top and bottom and kickboards
  •   Clean all bench tops and tiles
  •   Full clean oven, griller, cook tops, range hoods and exhaust fans
  •   Wipe out dishwasher and filter (and outside)
  •   Clean sink and plug holes

    Furnished Properties

  •   Clean all crockery and stack neatly
  •   Take all inventory out of cupboards and wipe over
  •   Clean freezer/freezer inside and out
  •   Clean microwave inside and out
  •   Clean all other inventory items
  •   Drop linen off to Leon’s dry cleaning on Stanley street and provide us with the receipt

    and we will collect and take back to property – this is on instruction only (if we have

    not instructed and it needs doing please contact us prior)

  •   Clean lint filter in dryer
  •   Wipe over washing machine


  •   Complete clean of shower recess including tiles, taps, screen and plug hole – Please ensure that all soap scum is removed from shower screen glass
  •   Complete clean of bath including plug hole
  •   Complete clean of vanity/shelves/mirrors
  •   Complete clean of toilet
  •   Wipe over any other tiles present
  •   Complete clean of exhaust fan (remove all dust & grime) Bedroom

 Wipe out all wardrobes inside and out


  •   Clean all tiles
  •   Complete clean of wash tub